Lauren Stevenson, Educator & Researcher, Ph.D. Candidate, SMU, Dallas, TX

LifeLove Reviews A

"LifeLove helped me understand how to eat well. Rather than ongoing disappointments and hunger from the fleeting results of various diets, I now fuel my body with good things. I am healthy, satisfied, and happy!"

Dr. Mary Minter, Interim Executive Director, Maryland State Department of Education

LifeLove Reviews C

"LifeLove created a plan that was customized to meet my needs. I was recommended foods that helped me to decrease my blood pressure and fluid retention, and assisted me with my weight loss. I have never felt better. LifeLove is awesome!"

Denir Haskins, Educator and Mother, Baltimore County Public Schools, MD, USA

LifeLove Reviews B

"LifeLove created a plan that included foods that I like to help me to lose weight, reduced nosebleeds, and fight my caffeine addiction. The plan was extremely easy to follow and very satisfying. The fact that is was custom tailored for my likes and needs was the greatest value. Thanks LifeLove!!!!!"

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